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This Browser is Whats Up!! Help #SaveourOCEANS with every #CLICK https://oceanhero.today
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to https://t.co/r9fjoNAvHa this morning for recovering the equivalent of 10,000,000 ocean-bound plastic bottles! 馃憦馃挌馃寠 @PlasticBank @DavidKatzPB #plastic #ocean #worldcleanupday @4ocean @TheOceanCleanup @Seabin_project @bigbluecleanup @PlasticChange https://t.co/H1iygMhYgU
From what I read, we've got 30 years to save the planet. In 2050, those oceans are gonna rise. Also, please protect sea-life. Use a proper search engine: https://t.co/TvACCB8oBC #plsRT #ProtectOurHome #WorldOceanDay #WorldOceanDay2020 https://t.co/mzSorW0QIy
Fantastic search engine, https://t.co/KnvDbcc3LD works as well as Google yet for every five searches one plastic bottle is recovered. A no brainer. https://t.co/nENSvmARlv
Want to #savetheocean? 馃寠 Here's a tip of how you can do your part: 馃 馃 Use https://t.co/zS76NfLBb1 as your search browser 馃悹 Clicking on ads allows them to pay for plastic removal from the ocean 馃悷 Every five searches removes 1 bottle from the ocean It's as easy as that 馃憤 https://t.co/T16A9RfBub
I use the #OceanHero search engine to support a cleaner #earth. Looks great and works great! #oceans 馃寠 https://t.co/osYdCebIEu
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By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean
Report by the
That鈥檚 why we recover ocean-bound plastic when you browse the web
Just surf the web like you do every day
Collect shells shell along the way
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For every 100 shells, we can recover one bottle. Yay!
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We鈥檙e working with local communities to collect plastic
And we鈥檙e supporting partners like PlasticBank who build up a global network of plastic collection hubs
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