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Why do people still use google when you could just use ocean hero? It’s literally the exact same browser but it takes plastic out the ocean
Everyone. Our oceans are under attack by the disgusting amount of plastic and shite that is being dumped. I have recently discovered a browser extension called Ocean Hero. Please add this to your browser for more info!!
What a great idea! For every five searches you do, Ocean Hero will recover one ocean-bound plastic bottle. All you have to do is add Ocean Hero to your browser and you can help protect our oceans without even leaving the house! 🌏 Find out more at https://oceanhero.today
guys use ocean hero as ur search engine... it’s literally the same as google but for every 5 searches you do, they pay for the recovery of one ocean bound plastic bottle. i know it’s not a lot. but it adds up and it can really help. it’s super easy to add as a browser extension.
guys, you should make ocean hero your new browser here's why watch the vid. because in 2050 there will be more trash in the ocean than fish swimming in the ocean which is sad so use it because every search you do is one piece of trash took outta the water https://youtu.be/icv88p42UD0
I use the #OceanHero search engine to support a cleaner #earth. Looks great and works great! #oceans 🌊 https://t.co/osYdCebIEu
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By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean
Report by the
That’s why we recover ocean-bound plastic when you browse the web
Just surf the web like you do every day
Collect shells shell along the way
How do I earn shells?
For every 100 shells, we can recover one bottle. Yay!
We show just a few sponsored links to make this possible
Where do you show these links?
We’re working with local communities to collect plastic
And we’re supporting partners like PlasticBank who build up a global network of plastic collection hubs
Ready to help us save the oceans?
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